Obama Nation Clarification

Obama Nation Clarification

Now…Sawsen understands me very well and found my posting ” Obama Nation Retrospect” very funny because of its depths of perversity. Her comments made me laugh!

Obama Nation Clarification finds my posting very funny because of its depths of perversity.

Now I am most certainly not a pie in the sky kinda guy and sweet stuff is not my forte or reality.

People need to be sensitized to the ugly mind behind the mask of our politicians as they speak and especially to Obama as a class act in point. After all he is the President of the United States and our Commander in Chief representing America and Americans to themselves and the rest of the world. It seems they should pay this some attention and realistic consideration. The mind behind the mask is ugly in its depths of perversity and utter contempt for the common people; yet so sweet in a most comical relief!

Against the background information given in my previous posts on a wide array of topics what is officially presented to the general public demonstrates that all the geopolitical events especially those taking current headline news are contrived and instigated, produced and directed just as if the whole world were a master movie set. Whatever happens in geopolitics you can bet your bottom dollar it was planned that way. Given that basic understanding the real political science shows its bare face by the way current events are portrayed in the Main-Stream Media.

But you see that post was just a “translation” of what Obama said and what is really there behind his silly face mask.

Its not me, it is not about me. This was actually what he said.

Translated into Common English – which was the whole point of “Cryptology” and Main Stream (and Public) Media (MSM) “speak” decrypted.

My mistake is turning on the TV and/or Radio (just like yours was perhaps “clicking” on my link) because every time I do it kicks me into a psychotic break.

Because of what I “see” there.

And this is everywhere now TVs on gas pumps – in all waiting rooms and lobbys – checkout counters – public transportation – in every public place and in every household and room – around every corner and in the street – every PC Smartphone and Tablet LCD.

I do not normally watch or listen to  MSM as you might imagine because it totally ruins my day.

And you are right – it is ugly and causes an ugly reaction in me.

But it is not about me.

Normally I am a pretty nice guy just trying to find a pretty place to go to get away from all this.

‘cept my hands are tied behind my back and my feet are caught in a trap.

By the time I get out of this situation (a few more years) there probably won’t be anything left.

And no pretty place to go.

It is ever frustrating in the “now”!

I don’t like it.

That is what I get for clicking the “on” switch.

Leaving that switch “off” is all for the better for me.

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